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Today I’ve chosen to waiver a bit from my usual cannabis related writings to touch on another subject I feel very strongly about which is the current state of the United States “Justice” system.

I’ll start with the details of my specific case and then get to the points I’d like to touch on. Through my experience growing up in San Jose, CA I have seen countless numbers of my friends fall victim to the outdated and destructive laws of the California prison system. I myself have been nearly bankrupted by court fees, lawyer fees, fines, court ordered classes and in my specific situation airfare between Vancouver where I live and California where I was committed for a first offense DUI. I am currently working at firearm training facility for which I am required to pay 20$ a day for the privilege of spending 8 hours being disrespected and having orders I don’t understand barked at me by over supplemented and or overweight police officers. As far as I’m concerned this is no less than slavery I am forced to buy myself into.

Now let me explain the process through which ordinary citizens are forced into poverty and crime. The laws set up by our government are designed to force people into the prison system and keep them there. When an individual such as myself, either by misfortune or poor judgement, commits a “crime” as defined by the state they are given two choices either prison or bankruptcy. Let me mention that about two days ago while at my work site I found that the jail I could have been in was just locked down for a series of stabbings with one death, which leans my decision towards the bankruptcy rather than the possible death. Now If you so choose to stay out of prison, and hopefully alive, they take you for every bit of money you can afford or not afford to pay them. If you can not afford to pay your fees out right then the state collection agency holds the right to take your paychecks in full until you have payed your debt. Now the biggest issue with this is the fact that if you are in fact convicted of a felony it makes willful employment damn near impossible and leaves you with the mentality of “why fight for a job if they’re just gonna take the money”. With the current state of economy and the lack of jobs in the state of California there are little to no employers who are willing to pick a convicted felon over the abundance of alternatives. Now this means that even if you so choose to try to rejoin society as a law abiding and contributing member the state will continue to rape you for what little capital you have to live by. This leaves only a few options for these people to ever support themselves or their families which the easiest and most obvious options include the sale of drugs or theft related crimes. Now if you have been convicted of a felony you will also have been assigned a parol officer who’s sole purpose in life is to catch you if you ever commit another criminal offense. This means that when you do you will be forced straight back into the vicious circle that is the California system and effective establishing not only California but the entire United States as a prison state.

You would think that the key purpose of the prison system would be to rehabilitate criminals, however from my experience it does simply the opposite. For myself, had I chosen to pay my time in jail rather than the work program, it would have been an advanced education in drugs and crime to spend 30 days with the criminals in the Alameda County jail. I would be sent in as a young man who made a mistake one night while drunk, and come out scarred and bitter with the knowledge and experience of those in there who wish to share their tales. Not to mention that about two days ago while at my work site I found that the jail I could have been in was just locked down for a series of stabbings with one death.

Our government has gone too far with their punishments, as I see my friends and families being pushed further in to ghettos and forced into poverty I know that it is time for a change. I know that it is time that our government sets up a system to help further the progress of our citizens and society. Its time that we abolish these ridiculous three strike laws and jail time for non violent offenders. Why lock someone up who is of no threat to the general population? The current system is destroying our communities and our country and we need to see a change before our once prosperous cities fall into conditions beyond repair. For we know what happens when governments take everything from their citizens, the only possible outcome is a civil uprising and ultimately a revolution.

Please write your politicians, let them know of the injustices being performed and taken out on otherwise law abiding citizens. The laws should be put in place to protect the people, not destroy them. Whatever it is that you have seen as an injustice we have to be made known. So please, please write to your officials and push for change; or we will see the true power of the people united against their government.

“The people should not fear their government, The government should fear their people.”

I take this quote very strongly to heart, and I think its time that we show the government just what it is that they need to be afraid of. They need to be afraid of what they are doing to us, because we can only bend over and take it for so long.


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Its becoming more and more clear why the united states are in such chaos. People need to take notice of what is being published as common knowledge across the country. People need to start questioning the authority of the people running their country and enforcing their laws.

Here is a video of the President of Mexico alleging US Officials of accepting drug cartel payoffs. I blogged a few days ago about the Mexican drug lord thanking the US government for keeping drugs illegal. Notice a trend?

The Drug Cartels pay the government officials to lobby for prohibition, and they thank them! Publicly! Next the federal government goes after the easy targets like medical dispensaries in California. They’re not hard to bust, they don’t try to hide or fight back! The F’d up thing is that these dispensaries get their medicine from mostly legal growers, so the Drug Cartels don’t even take damage from these raids. The US government is waging civil war on its law abiding citizens while accepting money and partnering with the Drug Cartels.

The government is corrupt but its not just the higher ups, this corruption has trickled down to local law enforcement who take it upon themselves to police and control their communities as they see fit.

This article shows narcotics officers raiding a store for alleged “sale of paraphernalia” (Ziplock Baggies) They raided the store, disabled all of the cameras, looted the store for food and drinks, stole $10,000 in cash, stole the security cameras and monitors. All because he allegedly sold some ziplock bags. This is a horrible, horrible example of what these drug laws are doing to hard working citizens, as well as just how much the corruption has effected these officials.

In Phoenix police raided the home of a 41 year old blogger who ran an online blog called “Bad Phoenix Cops” which was critical of the local police department. They Raided his home and confiscated his all of his hardware, including networking routers and modems. They took everything needed to continue blogging. This was an obvious retaliation to his blogging and a direct attempt to cover their asses.

Not to mention the cops that raided and shot the 20 year old college student in Michigan last month. The countless stories of the consequences of upholding the prohibition should be enough to bring this issue to a top priority in North America.

Spread the word, Stand up for what’s right and we can change our countries for the better so future generations can enjoy a better life with all the rights and freedoms they deserve.

King of Hearts

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