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I am excited to see this for the first time. An athlete and positive role model who shows his full support and is even sponsored by MediCann!!

Inspirational stuff, check it out.

Peace and keep blowing that smoke proud,
Kid Kulture

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Michael Phelps

Now we all know the story of the 14 time gold medal winning swimmer Michael Phelps and his

Michael Phelps is no stranger to the bong.

Michael Phelps, no stranger to the bong.

bong ripping “mistake” leading up to his olympic accomplishments. I’m sure the majority of us can figure out that this was not a mistake, people don’t usually trip into taking massive hits out of expensive bongs. So in retrospect Mr. Phelps should learn a lesson from the following Pro-Athlete who came out in the open and asked for acceptance of his pot smoking lifestyle.

Nick Diaz

My new favourite fighter Nick Diaz took out the impressive Frank Shamrock last night in and amazing show of dominance. This performance came right after he came out of the cannabis closet and into the open with his recreational use of the herb. Diaz moved to Stikeforce in San Jose after some issues the UFC had with his pot smoking choices. He claims to smoke the night before every fight in order to relax and prepare mentally for the battle ahead, and after last night it seems to have worked.

Nick Diaz, Out of the Cannabis Closet and doing work.

Nick Diaz, Out of the Cannabis Closet and doing work.

“I can pass a drug test in eight days with herbal cleansers. I drink 10 pounds of water and sweat out 10 pounds of water every day. I’ll be fine.”
“I’m more consistent about everything being a cannabis user,” Diaz said in an interview with The Times last week. “I’m happy to get loaded, hear some good music . . . I remain consistent. And I have an easy way to deal with [the drug tests].
I have been waiting for a Pro Athlete to come out and openly and proudly admit to their choice to use cannabis. Hopefully get it in to people’s heads that you can be a hard working, athletic, productive and use cannabis.
I hope that Michael Phelps can learn from Diaz and admit that he enjoys smoking and to Continue doing so! Don’t fix what ain’t broke. If smoking weed to relax on weekends is what you do to have a good time then you should continue to do so.

Be yourself and smoke proud you amazing fish-man!

King of Hearts

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