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Wow I have never seen so many people smoking weed. The  cloud above the crowd was so thick it looked like an outdoor hot box. There were way too many people for anyone to really enjoy this unless you got there early and got a good spot. For future reference make rounds to the 420 rally around 10am if you are looking for a good relaxed experience. I’m glad to be out of the sea of humans, and i’ve finally made it home for some more celebrating. I hope everyone’s having a great 420!


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Hey there Viewers, Let me Kick it off with a big Happy 420 To the World! I’ve got a pack of sour diesel dooby snacks for the day and I’m about to head out! Let the celebrations begin and feel free to follow me throughout the day via mobile broadcast from my iphone right here!

Peace and Keep blowing the smoke proud!,
King of Hearts

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Well the more I get in to this internet thing the more I need to grow my internet presence. The more people we have on the internet supporting the movement against Global Cannabis Prohibition, the more people will hear the truth behind the PROPAGANDA that is constantly infecting the minds of the citizens of the free world by our governments who’ve based their laws off of out dated racist ideals.

In the words of the Mighty Pakelika,


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