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I know people have said a lot on this subject but I feel that it needs to be repeated if people are going to understand and follow it.

Being that spliffs are my preferred method of cannabis consumption, It frustrates me to no end when I smoke with new company or outside of my circle of friends and people just don’t understand how to smoke. Now I know it sounds stupid to say that they don’t know how to smoke a joint, “Just smoke it” is not a sufficient instruction. People with this mentality are generally the ones chiefing on it as I watch in horror from across the cypher as my jay runs down the side and wastes what could have been another 10 minutes of herbal enjoyment for everyone.

Lets start with the basics:

Whoever supplies the herb gets the green hit.

Whether you roll it or not, always offer it to them to approve of the roll and spark up. If they ask you to light it then start the burn get it started nice and clean for them and pass it their way whether it be to the left or right always send it to them first and let it continue that direction. Don’t get caught up in the pass it to the left or right, just send it to whoever deserves it. If they provide the herb don’t let them get the tail end just cause they’re sitting to your right. Thats not cool.

Watch the burn!

When you first light the jay it sets it up to burn for the rest of the session, so start it so it burns evenly on all sides and keep it that way through the session. When you smoke a jay regardless of how well it is rolled it may begin to run due to air pockets or dry cannabis or for whatever reason. If the spliff begins to run please stop smoking, Wet the end of your finger and dab it around the run. If one side isn’t burning touch it up real quick with a lighter and even out the burn. If you do this once or twice the jay will almost always even out and burn smooth for the rest of the session. Don’t be lazy! It will provide a much more enjoyable smoke for you and your partners.

Its a Joint, Not a Microphone.

Now this one is something that we’re all guilty of at one point or another its inevitable. Please try to pay attention to yourself and don’t get stuck on a rant while letting the joint burn in your hand. If you feel yourself getting into it a bit take a hit, collect your thoughts, pass it on and continue with your train of thought. let other smoke and take it in while you share your thoughts.

Don’t be a snob.

Even if you can roll the perfect joint or blunt or cross jay, pirate ship, tulip, or 6 round machine gun jay don’t take the opportunity away from someone who wants to try for themselves. If your session partners ask you to roll it up, or if it is your herb then by all means have at it but if someone else asks to roll it up let them, everyone needs practice once in a while and if you have to well versed jay-crafts in your group it can be an equally beneficial relationship. Unless of course the outcome is terrible and you feel the resulting spliff could waste the herb then let them know politely and offer to re-roll it and give them some tips. However please be constructive and never negative.

The Four P’s – Puff Puff Pass and Please.

I don’t always follow this rule to the thumb, but within my group of friends I feel that we are all fairly reasonable when it comes to smoking appropriately. However if you do notice someone taking advantage and overdoing it a bit, a simple “Puff puff pass please” as a friendly reminder for them to share the love is usually sufficient. Don’t be greedy is all we ask.

Never exclude anyone.

Whether you think they smoke or not, or if you know them or what not always offer. In certain larger group situations it is alright to steal away for a bit with some of your close friends to smoke but never be shady about it. If you’re smoking in front of people don’t exclude them. Offer up a toke at least, if there is limited herb you don’t have to invite them in to the full rotation but look around and at least offer an individual hit. If you knew there was going to be a lot of people, then just like in grade school “If you bring something in, make sure you bring enough for the whole class.” Its just polite.

Don’t Peer Pressure.

If someone says they don’t wish to smoke, or if they opt out of a rotation, don’t push them to smoke further. Everyone has their limits and their preferred heights to be reached. If anything thank them for letting you have their share. This sort of thing was common when we were younger, but as matured, sophisticated herbal connoisseurs understand that everyone has their right to enjoy it the way they want to. Or not at all for that matter.

Now If everyone follows these guidelines when smoking with their friends it could prove to be a much more enjoyable experience for all. I understand that within certain circles there are different rules and maybe within your group you follow musical youth’s pass the dutchie to the left hand side, thats cool too but make sure to always be polite and respectful to everyone involved.

If you think there’s anything crucial that I left out of here then feel free to leave a comment and share your views on the subject.

“If you’re going to smoke herb do so with sophistication. And when you exhale, always blow your smoke proud.”

~The Culturalist


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