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I was digging through HighDEAS.com and I came across a post by a cat named Hydroponic

Stonergy: it’s like the Force

Stonergy is the energy shared between two stoners solely due to the fact that they have both smoked weed. This invisible bond allows for the almost instant recognition of other stoners and is why two people often become friends after they blaze with each other. It also allows for an uncanny comprehension of life and art that leads to stoners often sharing similar tastes in music and movies.

This made me think for a minute because this is a brilliant stoner theory. Stonergy may give your soul the green glow of stonergy, and when everyone’s soul are the same colour, they connect with each other on a higher level, just like Jedis who feel the force and are all connected with each other. This could also explain why people feel closer to nature when they’re stoned. I’m sure plants have green souls as well..

“And when my soul bleeds, the colour that I’m spilling is green.” is one of my favourite quotes, from the Kotton Mouth Kings and I think i finally understand what he meant.

this kind of blows my mind.. someone should put this on wikipedia.

King of Hearts

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So it wasn’t until two days ago that I fully understood (In my own Mind/Opinion) What that truly meant.

So there are a few things that you have to understand first.Blog Logo

  1. When tested on mice, marijuana effected the perception of time. Mice were trained to press a button every 10 seconds and they would be given food. When they were given doses of THC they began to lose timing and instead moved slower and hit the button every 11 or 12 seconds.
  2. Next, I’ve found that while watching TV with now sound and listening to music that has a good solid beat, My brain seems to take the music and the TV and smash it together into a symbiotic music video. It just seems to always fit together.

Well I’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t really destroy your perception of time, but in fact it repairs it. Normally we see everything in our world moving at their own unique speeds, but when we’ve been “heightened” to quote Stoner_Stuff on Twitter, we find the world to be moving at the same speed (i.e. The TV and the Music)

So when we say “Everything is One” it means that everything is in sync. Our world becomes one. Our world moves at one synonymous pace. The world moves together and it brings all of us closer to nature, and closer to each other. This is why people become pacified and pacifistic when they smoke. Instead of fighting about our differences, we all become one and move together, we are more understanding because we are living in harmony with everything around us.

This is truly an enlightening bit of knowledge that has grown in my brain. I hope that next time all of you out there get snackin’ to that heightened state, you will look closely at the world around you and realize just how similar you are to everything around you. Walk the streets, throw on a jam and/or back to nature and maybe you’ll find your place in the natural flow of things.

Peace, Take care.

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