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The DEA continues to bring the ideals and practices of the Nazi SS to North America.

The DEA continues to bring the ideals and practices of the Nazi SS to North America.

The following is quoted from Salem-News.com HERE

In spite of recent announcements by the Attorney General that the days of federal agents raiding legal medical marijuana dispensaries are over, the Sheriff of Kern County, California utilized agents from the federal Drug Enforcement Agency Wednesday in its raid of a medical marijuana dispensary in east Bakersfield Wednesday afternoon.

Local TV station KGET 17 News reports that the search warrant was served on the Green Cross Compassionate Medical Marijuana Co-operative at 319 Bernard Street in Bakersfield.

The station’s Website stated that their calls to the sheriff’s department were not immediately returned. They did contact the DEA who reportedly stated that the agency was there only to assist, insisting that the lead agency on the case was the sheriff’s department.

The story is taking place a couple of hours east of Morro Bay, California, where lawful medical marijuana dispensary owner Charles Lynch was singled out by the local sheriff who also used the DEA to conduct their raid.

Medical marijuana is legal in California and Attorney General Eric Holder recently said federal agents will no longer be utilized to raid dispensaries unless they are violating both federal and state law.

Sheriff Donny Youngblood told KGET 17 News that his office will not interfere with the operation of non-profit medical co-operatives run by patients for patients. But, he said dispensaries that sell marijuana for a profit should be expected to be treated like other drug dealers.

This is absolutely infuriating. How can law enforcement be allowed to abuse their power in such an obviously illegal way? The statement made by Attorney General Eric Holder is now officially meaningless.

“Dispensaries that sell marijuana for a profit should be expected to be treated like other drug dealers” This is the most ignorant statement I have heard in the media in the past month. This tops Glen Beck’s Singaporean drug law statement. How can a legal business be required to operate for no profit when one of the most profitable industries in America is pharmaceuticals. These two industries, marijuana and pharmaceuticals, are providing the same services and providing health care and medicine for sick people. Why is there a double standard for these two industries which are essentially providing the same service?

This sheriff in Bakersfield is acting on his own in order to push his own moral ignorance on the subject of marijuana. This can not be allowed to continue! Call your legislators and DEMAND that they change their policies of attacking law abiding citizens for doing when they (AND CALIFORNIA LAW!) believe is legal.

Peace and keep blowing that smoke proud,
Kid Kulture

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Its becoming more and more clear why the united states are in such chaos. People need to take notice of what is being published as common knowledge across the country. People need to start questioning the authority of the people running their country and enforcing their laws.

Here is a video of the President of Mexico alleging US Officials of accepting drug cartel payoffs. I blogged a few days ago about the Mexican drug lord thanking the US government for keeping drugs illegal. Notice a trend?

The Drug Cartels pay the government officials to lobby for prohibition, and they thank them! Publicly! Next the federal government goes after the easy targets like medical dispensaries in California. They’re not hard to bust, they don’t try to hide or fight back! The F’d up thing is that these dispensaries get their medicine from mostly legal growers, so the Drug Cartels don’t even take damage from these raids. The US government is waging civil war on its law abiding citizens while accepting money and partnering with the Drug Cartels.

The government is corrupt but its not just the higher ups, this corruption has trickled down to local law enforcement who take it upon themselves to police and control their communities as they see fit.

This article shows narcotics officers raiding a store for alleged “sale of paraphernalia” (Ziplock Baggies) They raided the store, disabled all of the cameras, looted the store for food and drinks, stole $10,000 in cash, stole the security cameras and monitors. All because he allegedly sold some ziplock bags. This is a horrible, horrible example of what these drug laws are doing to hard working citizens, as well as just how much the corruption has effected these officials.

In Phoenix police raided the home of a 41 year old blogger who ran an online blog called “Bad Phoenix Cops” which was critical of the local police department. They Raided his home and confiscated his all of his hardware, including networking routers and modems. They took everything needed to continue blogging. This was an obvious retaliation to his blogging and a direct attempt to cover their asses.

Not to mention the cops that raided and shot the 20 year old college student in Michigan last month. The countless stories of the consequences of upholding the prohibition should be enough to bring this issue to a top priority in North America.

Spread the word, Stand up for what’s right and we can change our countries for the better so future generations can enjoy a better life with all the rights and freedoms they deserve.

King of Hearts

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So I was excited to see DL visit Harbourside. When I was still down in California I used to visit Harbourside as one of my clubs of choice. It doesn’t look like much from the outside but inside it is one of the most professional experiences you’ll ever get from a medical dispensary.

Heres how it works

You approach the front door and hand your paperwork/Patient ID Card to the armed security guard out front, he confirms that you are a legal patient and radios inside to open the door and let you in. You head up the steps and enter the front door where you walk through a metal detector and get a quick pat down.

Once you’re through all the formalities of confirming your paper work and registering as a member of Harbourside, the rest of your visit is as if you were at a bank for Cannabis! The professional staff waits behind the glass display counter full of different strains and products.

The First Strain I tried from this club was called “Dragon” It was a Sativa heavy herb, bright green and the bud looked wispy like fire. Back then their selection of edibles wasn’t amazing, but I’m sure they have improved their menu by a  hundred fold. This was however the first time I had “The Greenie” Cookie which has been my inspiration for every baked good I have produced since that day.  For those of you patients lucky enough to live in the Bay Area, go check out Harbourside in Oakland!

1840 Embarcadero
Oakland, CA 94606, United States
(510) 533-0146

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