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For those of you living around the world you may not quite understand our traditional 420 smoke in here in Vancouver. Each year thousands of people gather infront of the art gallery here in downtown Van city to in one impressive toke fill an entire city block with the sweet smoke of the cannabis plant. Every year it is so impressive to see so many people of every different kind coming together to show their love and support for what should be our legal right. There are booths and street vendors all over selling bud and edibles, bongs and pipes, and generally promoting the use of the herb to the public.

The highlights of the event being of course the on-the-dot cloud rising above Vancouver’s biggest session in history, the speakers of course, David Malmo Levine, Jody Emery and many others, Marc Emery who was there through the whole of the event politicin’ shaking hands and kissing babies (not that there were any babies there, that would be entirely inappropriate). The music was good and the atmosphere was amazing.

However this year’s traditionally peaceful celebration was a bit tainted and if I may say no exactly “putting our best foot forward” for the cannabis community. The state of the affair was complete chaos from when I arrived to when I left. There was immense amounts of trash all over the grounds, there were people tagging on the art gallery, a girl passed out and had to be taken off by paramedics, and if thats not bad enough for the first time in over 20 years of 420 celebrations a fight even broke out dead center of the crowd.

Now this sort of thing makes me very sad because the entire statement that everyone there had come together to support was lost. Now this was little to no surprise  considering there was over 10,000 people crammed together on one downtown city block. This to me is simply poor planning. They desperately need to move the celebration to a new venue and judging by the number of people they bring out its gonna need to be a big one.

So here is what I propose!

The Vancouver International Cannabis Festival!

Now much like the operation of the Jazz festival in Gastown every year, we could host something similar with stages and booths up and down water st. and extending up to queen elizabeth square right in front of the Cannabis Culture headquarters. I think this would be fantastic, more space would mean less chance of fights and we could bring in bands from all over the world to perform infront of thousands of people. Political leaders and activists could speak from different stages and get their messages out to a wider group of people who instead of trying to fight though crowds without burning themselves on a blunt could comfortably smoke and listen to what they have to say.

However the concern is due to the poor execution of this years event it may be possible that BC Marijuana Party may not have much bargaining power with the city to continue this event let alone host it in a bigger space next year.

On another note, I’ve got some great shots of this year’s event and will have them up for you guys to check out on here very soon!

As always, Peace and blow that smoke proud.

~The Hempen Journeyman


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Wow I have never seen so many people smoking weed. The  cloud above the crowd was so thick it looked like an outdoor hot box. There were way too many people for anyone to really enjoy this unless you got there early and got a good spot. For future reference make rounds to the 420 rally around 10am if you are looking for a good relaxed experience. I’m glad to be out of the sea of humans, and i’ve finally made it home for some more celebrating. I hope everyone’s having a great 420!

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Hey there Viewers, Let me Kick it off with a big Happy 420 To the World! I’ve got a pack of sour diesel dooby snacks for the day and I’m about to head out! Let the celebrations begin and feel free to follow me throughout the day via mobile broadcast from my iphone right here!

Peace and Keep blowing the smoke proud!,
King of Hearts

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Our beloved Prince of Pot is under attack by the man once again, but this time the fight is a little closer to home. Marc has been allowed to operated his Cannabis Culture headquarters and 420 convenience store over the past years without a business license because of the political nature of his operations. Unfortunately the city of Vancouver is requiring that Marc gets a business license in order to continue running his establishment. What is happening now is the city, who requested that he get  a license, is now denying him his license. As Marc stated on CBC last night, this is a direct attack on him by the Vancouver police and the City of Vancouver who are trying to clear him out of the city before the Olympics. The Cannabis Culture Headquarters are directly on route to the Olympics and if he is allowed to stay, millions of athletes and people from all over the world will be exposed to the legalization movement when they stop in to check out his stores. They are claiming that due to his criminal record that he will not be granted his business license. He has stated that if they refuse to grant his license, he will take them to court for discrimination and fight the good fight.

This sudden decision by the city is a direct attack on Marc who has always been supportive and open with the Vancouver Police and the city about what he is doing at the stores. He has never sold marijuana and  has not sold seeds for years.

Marc Emery at the head of a Protest for legalization

The Prince of Pot, Marc Emery

We can not allow this injustice to continue. We as a people and as the backbone of the movement need to throw in our full support behind Marc Emery who is a hero and an inspiration to so many. The interview that aired  at 11 last night with Marc in regards to the issue has not made it up to You Tube yet, but I will keep everyone posted with new information as soon as we hear some new developments. The hearing which was last night, but has been adjourned till May 19. According to Marc’s wife Jodie Emery, Marc is considering changing the entire first floor of the headquarters in to a retail floor. This will hopefully be more acceptable to the city than the current half retail, half smoking lounge set up.

You can help by sending letters of support or by calling Vancouver city hall. You can send the following Email, or go to why prohibition.com  HERE and enter your information to send an automated message to the mayor and council.

From: Your Name <you@example.ca>
To: mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca
Subject: I support Marc Emery’s Business License application

I am writing to support granting business licenses to Marc Emery for the ‘Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters’ store at 307 West Hastings Street and ‘420 Convenience’ store at 316 West Hastings.

I believe the businesses contribute positively to the local community and improve the area culturally and economically. In light of Marc Emery’s significant contributions to Vancouver and BC, I wholeheartedly support his application for business licenses and encourage you to do the same.

Your Name
Your Organization
123 Your St.
Yousville, L2B 4S6
Phone: (123)456-7890
Fax: (123)456-7890×123
Your Personal Statement

King of Hearts

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Its becoming more and more clear why the united states are in such chaos. People need to take notice of what is being published as common knowledge across the country. People need to start questioning the authority of the people running their country and enforcing their laws.

Here is a video of the President of Mexico alleging US Officials of accepting drug cartel payoffs. I blogged a few days ago about the Mexican drug lord thanking the US government for keeping drugs illegal. Notice a trend?

The Drug Cartels pay the government officials to lobby for prohibition, and they thank them! Publicly! Next the federal government goes after the easy targets like medical dispensaries in California. They’re not hard to bust, they don’t try to hide or fight back! The F’d up thing is that these dispensaries get their medicine from mostly legal growers, so the Drug Cartels don’t even take damage from these raids. The US government is waging civil war on its law abiding citizens while accepting money and partnering with the Drug Cartels.

The government is corrupt but its not just the higher ups, this corruption has trickled down to local law enforcement who take it upon themselves to police and control their communities as they see fit.

This article shows narcotics officers raiding a store for alleged “sale of paraphernalia” (Ziplock Baggies) They raided the store, disabled all of the cameras, looted the store for food and drinks, stole $10,000 in cash, stole the security cameras and monitors. All because he allegedly sold some ziplock bags. This is a horrible, horrible example of what these drug laws are doing to hard working citizens, as well as just how much the corruption has effected these officials.

In Phoenix police raided the home of a 41 year old blogger who ran an online blog called “Bad Phoenix Cops” which was critical of the local police department. They Raided his home and confiscated his all of his hardware, including networking routers and modems. They took everything needed to continue blogging. This was an obvious retaliation to his blogging and a direct attempt to cover their asses.

Not to mention the cops that raided and shot the 20 year old college student in Michigan last month. The countless stories of the consequences of upholding the prohibition should be enough to bring this issue to a top priority in North America.

Spread the word, Stand up for what’s right and we can change our countries for the better so future generations can enjoy a better life with all the rights and freedoms they deserve.

King of Hearts

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Today Liberal Health Promotion Critic MP for Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca, Dr. Keith Martin, will introduce a bill to decriminalize marijuana to the Canadian House of Commons. This is big news!! I know that he is just reviving a dead bill but with the new added bonus of the decriminalization of possession of up to 2 plants and a higher 3o gram limit. This is good news because back in 2004 when the bill was pushed (and nearly passed!) the one thing standing in the way was the interference of the Bush administration and the DEA. They effectively squashed the bill when the conservative party took power in 2006.

If the Bill is re introduced into the Canadian political system, and it gets as much support at it did last time, we may have a real chance to get it through without any foreign interference. I don’t think its Obama’s policy to interfere with Canadian process.

More to come, I’ll post as soon as there is an update on the subject.

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