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This story upsets me in a whole new way. I can’t even begin to list all of the things that are horribly wrong with this situation. Read for yourself, I got this post from Cannabis Culture Online.

I propose a new crest in honour of those officers who support our cause

I propose a new crest in honour of those officers who support our cause

A Burnaby RCMP officer whose lost wallet was found with marijuana inside was fired after admitting he was a pot smoker. Const. Amyn Dharamshi’s wallet was found, dropped in a mailbox, and eventually given to the Vancouver Police Dept. The VPD contacted the RCMP, who brought Dharamshi in for questioning.

First, the officer claimed the 6.1 grams of marijuana and a pack of rolling papers belonged to his brother. According to CanWest News service, the mountie even offered to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence, but broke down and admitted the pot was his just moments after the test was performed!

Dharamshi said that he had smoked cannabis several times recently to relieve martial and financial stress.

The Vancouver Sun provides some details:

At a formal disciplinary hearing in 2005 before a panel of three senior Mounties, Dharamshi pleaded for mercy, saying he knew what he did was wrong but that he wanted to remain on the force.

Two of Dharamshi’s superiors testified on his behalf, including a corporal who, according to the judgment, argued that “had Constable Dharamshi sought relief from alcohol rather than marijuana, his actions would not have brought him into the discipline process.”

However, the disciplinary panel ruled that Dharamshi’s use of an illegal substance was a serious matter that was only aggravated by the fact he lied about it when first confronted.

For a hard working law enforcement officer to fired for using a substance safer than alcohol is ridiculous. If he is in fact using marijuana to deal with hard economic times and issues at home then he should be commended for using a substance that keeps him in control. For them to say that alcohol would be a better choice is absolute B.S. When situations like this come up it gives a clear view as to just how wrong the prohibition is. Our law enforcers don’t support the laws because they know that they are bogus. They know that they don’t work and they know they are unjust. Our Lawmakers should take a good long look at who the people are that they are waging this drug war on. Hard working law abiding contributing citizens are being incarcerated and charged for these victimless crimes.

This civil war needs to come to an end! End the drug war, prohibition is the problem. The only victims are those being victimized by our governments and its Time For Change! And to Amyn Dharamshi and his family, I wish the best for you and I hope that someday justice will prevail and you will receive some justice.

King of Hearts

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