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Spread the Word! Get out and Vote!

Yesterday in California the initiative to legalize marijuana passed and is set to be voted on for the november ballot!

With Californians already showing 65% support for the legalization in recent polls things seem to be looking up for our hero for the first time in a long long while. Check out the full story from the the LA Times here:

Measure to legalize Marijuana will be on California’s November Ballot

An initiative to legalize marijuana and allow it to be sold and taxed will appear on the November ballot, state election officials announced Wednesday, triggering what will probably be a much-watched campaign that once again puts California on the forefront of the nation’s debate over whether to soften drug laws.

The number of valid signatures reported by Los Angeles County, submitted minutes before Wednesday’s 5 p.m. deadline, put the measure well beyond the 433,971 it needed to be certified. Supporters turned in 694,248 signatures, collecting them in every county except Alpine. County election officials estimated that 523,531 were valid.

Next step is to get out there and vote Californians!! I’m up in Vancouver at the moment but I will be sending in my absentee ballot via mail! If we all get out there and vote this time its for real!

Peace and keep blowing your smoke proud people, soon we’ll be able to do it free!

~ The Hempen Journeyman


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"That is not a drug. It's a leaf" ~ Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

"That is not a drug. It's a leaf" ~ Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Hey everybody HUGE news! Yesterday up in Davis, CA governor Arnold Schwarzenneger stated that it is time for a debate on the legalization and taxation of marijuana for recreational use in California.

Now this may not seem like a big step but this is a major stepping stone. For a decision making politician to open up the floor for debate is all the momentum we need. There are no longer any legitimate arguments in support of the prohibition so as soon as we take the floor we can push the issue to the people that matter. With the recent poll stating that 56% of California voters support the legalization, more and more politicians are starting to lean towards support. If we can win the debate in this most important of settings it may be all that is needed to get other politicians to co-sign Tom Ammiano’s Bill for legalization to be reintroduced next year.

The bill is gaining support and its looking good for 2010!! Could the governor possibly be the champion we need to get this movement moving towards the mainstream support of the states government officials? I sure hope so!!

If you live out in California be sure to write letters and send emails to your representatives requesting that they cast their support in alongside Tom Amianno’s bill for the legalization and taxation of marijuana!

Peace and keep blowing that smoke proud,
Kid Kulture

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