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Britney Spears performed at GM Place here in Vancouver tuesday night and reportedly brought her show to a halt for around 40 minutes while her paying audience sat in silence because she “would not continue unless people stopped smoking marijuana”.

Now I am neither a fan nor have I ever had anything against Britney Spears but this irks me in a BIG way.

Britney Spears halts show till audience members stop smoking weed.

Britney Spears halts show till audience members stop smoking weed.

@Britney Spears – Who do you think you are? How dare you pass judgement on us for smoking a plant. Was it sometime between the cocaine, alcohol abuse and issues with child services that you developed some  kind of moral superiority to those of us who choose to blaze in hopes of hearing some kind of talent emanating from your stage? For you to refuse to perform for the people who paid to see you is insulting and unprofessional of you as an artist and for your reason to be the smoking of marijuana well that is just petty. I don’t know you personally but maybe some of the public opinions of you aren’t so far off. If there was a real issue and reason behind the request then maybe you should have taken it upon yourself to address the audience. It seems though that with you being a smoker yourself, the issue of “smoke” shouldn’t have been a major one. When you ended your show you stated,

“Thanks Vancouver. You were wonderful. Drive safe. Don’t smoke weed!”

How about you worry about your own destructive lifestyle and how it effects your children and family, and then maybe think twice before you pass judgement on people who enjoy relaxing with an organic, safe and healthier alternative to railing lines of blow, poisoning themselves with cigarettes and smashing back bottles of booze like your oh so acceptable choices.

Now that thats out I apologize because I don’t know you or your reasons behind these statements, but what I wish you and the rest of the prohibitionists would do is educate yourselves. Instead of acting as parrots and repeating the same tired lies that they’ve heard in the past. Marijuana use is not dangerous and more than anything it is a personal choice. I am beyond tired of hearing people, who have no right to do so, tell others that marijuana is bad.


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