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Unfortunately the high hopes we all had going for Prop 19 wasn’t quite enough to beat the capitalist nature of California.  I think the two major pitfalls on the voters side were those who just couldn’t get over the cannabis taboo and those who feel that it is more profitable to them now than if it were to be legalized.

Now I’m going to take a wild guess that the majority of those who voted no on 19 fell into the cannabis taboo side. As history shows the only way to destroy a taboo is to bring it to the mainstream, or normalize it within our society.

So this is why I say smoke proud people! Don’t try to hide what is an important part of our culture. Our friends and families have grown cannabis and harvested it for fibers and medicine for generations, as have the entire human race for as far back as history can show us. If the public and those opposed political figures become accustomed to the safe and responsible use of cannabis they will eventually see the stupidity and utter irresponsibility that is the prohibition of cannabis.

On that note, check out Zach Galifianakis on Bill Maher. This is what I’m talking about. Dude smokes a joint during the discussion, no big deal. He’ll be going home after to his family or whatever, probably pick up pizza on the way and some desert.. maybe a pie or some peaches and ice cream..

Apparently Bill Maher told Wolf Blitzer that “If it was a real joint, Wolf, I would have smoked it, I think it was cloves or something,”

Anyways my point is that the more of this that goes on, the more people will have to accept it or be left behind.

Check out the video, I’m guessing the dragons are the scaley looking politicians on the other side of the table?


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So I know everyone is giving Obama heat over his brushing off of the topic of Marijuana legalization, but to be fair he does have to watch out for a lot a scrutiny that comes with being the new president and as Mos stated on Bill Maher’s show, “The Black guy with the Job.” I understand that, but The Most crucial statement made in this debate was by Salman Rushdie when he says that Barack Obama needs to Stop with all this bipartisanship.

“This trying to bring the people he’s just defeated along so they can veto his decisions… (I don’t think) any other country in the western world behaves like this. You win the election, you run the Country.”

This is one of the truest truths I’ve heard in a long time. Obama was elected because he followed the leftist ideals that earned him the support of the forward thinking generations which are now running his country. For him to get in to office and try to please everyone is ridiculous. There is no excuse for going back on what you believe to please people who were never on your side.

Now I love Obama and I think he’ll do work for his country but he needs to stand up for the people that got him elected. His campaign was widely internet based and for him to discredit the people who had him elected is a shame. During his time as a senator he supported the decriminalization of Marijuana which shows that he understands that possession for even recreational use by adults should no longer be considered a crime. Yet now under the pressure of federal “bipartisanship” he has collapsed and lost some of the open minded and forward thinking ideals that made him an inspiration to so many of us.

I truly believe though, that if we as a people continue to force this issue to the front burner of the political world, as we have so effectively been doing, we can finally get the new president to approach the topic logically and as serious issue that needs addressing.

For those of you who haven’t seen Bill’s Show, heres a clip of the discussion.

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