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I’m glad to see people standing up for what’s right. The Politicians in North america (Not just the US, but Canada as well) are far too corrupt and greedy to be allowed to run their people as to fit their personal agendas. From the Bush administration committing countless crimes against humanity in order to put profit in their own perfect little personal pockets, to the DEA raiding law abiding citizens because they run a dispensary that provides people in need with a medicine that suits them so that they can continue to receive funding funding. And in Canada with the current prime minister, Stephen Harper hoping to follow in the footsteps of his misplaced role model of the disgraceful G.W.B. by introducing harsher punishments of up to 6 months in jail for a single plant. These kinds of rulings despite the overwhelming number citizens who are not only open to the idea of legalization, but Support it!

The protest that took place yesterday, organized by MikeCANN.net, against Senator Scott Brown’s proposal to raise the fine for marijuana possession in a car from $100 to $1000 despite a 66% majority vote to decriminalize the herb. This fine is twice what it was before it was decriminalized! For a Senator to decide that because of his personal agenda he can go back on what was voted by the citizens, Is not democracy. This is Fascism at its strongest. This is called a dictatorship, when regardless of how the people vote they must follow and abide by the ruling of one man?

This is what happened when Canada tried to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana for personal use. What happened? Well, in that case the United States sent the DEA up here to Canada in order to force their ridiculous drug laws upon our country which resulted in the law being smashed by the bush administration and effectively turning our country in to America’s hat. So much for independence, so much for following Canadian beliefs, so much for standing up for democracy and the people that you politicians should be working your fingers to the bone to please.

People shouldn’t fear their Government,

The Government should fear their people.

So Keep beating us down and ignoring what we say, but we will continue to grow and grow till we effectively overgrow the government

Heres the First Video from MikeCANN’s protest. Its an interview with Bill Downing from NORML.


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