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So I peeped this article on Celebstoner.com (Michael Phelps to Attend Hash Bash) about Michael Phelps coming out to speak at the Ann Arbor Rally on Saturday. Now I got really excited about this for a good few minutes.  Quite frankly, if an Icon and American Hero like Michael Phelps came out of the Cannabis closet and took back his horrible statement about how it was a mistake (Which he never should have been forced to make) The movement to legalize marijuana would skyrocket with support.

Marijuana: The Gateway Drug To….

  • Presidents
  • Politicians
  • Movie Stars
  • Rock Stars
  • Doctors
  • Police Chiefs
  • Lawyers
  • (14 time) Olympic Gold Medalist

Well Damn, If I had children maybe I’d Encourage them to smoke cannabis! Being that they are of an appropriate age of course. Unfortunately though, my brain slowly clicked over to the sensible notch and realized that it is April 1st (April Fools Day).. And that Michael Phelps is just a regular American Hero, not a (openly) Stoner Hero.

Regardless though, Michael Phelps, you’ve got my support buddy and its a shame that you ever had to denounce your stoner self. All of us on this side of the fence know that only a real stoner, (not a one off-er or mistaker) could clear that Roor Bong like the Olympic Champion you are. Cheers Mate, Good luck with the swimming.

And no worries, Kellog’s is run by (potential, I don’t really know them so not to make assumptions, but…) Ass Holes.


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