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Our beloved Prince of Pot is under attack by the man once again, but this time the fight is a little closer to home. Marc has been allowed to operated his Cannabis Culture headquarters and 420 convenience store over the past years without a business license because of the political nature of his operations. Unfortunately the city of Vancouver is requiring that Marc gets a business license in order to continue running his establishment. What is happening now is the city, who requested that he get  a license, is now denying him his license. As Marc stated on CBC last night, this is a direct attack on him by the Vancouver police and the City of Vancouver who are trying to clear him out of the city before the Olympics. The Cannabis Culture Headquarters are directly on route to the Olympics and if he is allowed to stay, millions of athletes and people from all over the world will be exposed to the legalization movement when they stop in to check out his stores. They are claiming that due to his criminal record that he will not be granted his business license. He has stated that if they refuse to grant his license, he will take them to court for discrimination and fight the good fight.

This sudden decision by the city is a direct attack on Marc who has always been supportive and open with the Vancouver Police and the city about what he is doing at the stores. He has never sold marijuana and  has not sold seeds for years.

Marc Emery at the head of a Protest for legalization

The Prince of Pot, Marc Emery

We can not allow this injustice to continue. We as a people and as the backbone of the movement need to throw in our full support behind Marc Emery who is a hero and an inspiration to so many. The interview that aired  at 11 last night with Marc in regards to the issue has not made it up to You Tube yet, but I will keep everyone posted with new information as soon as we hear some new developments. The hearing which was last night, but has been adjourned till May 19. According to Marc’s wife Jodie Emery, Marc is considering changing the entire first floor of the headquarters in to a retail floor. This will hopefully be more acceptable to the city than the current half retail, half smoking lounge set up.

You can help by sending letters of support or by calling Vancouver city hall. You can send the following Email, or go to why prohibition.com  HERE and enter your information to send an automated message to the mayor and council.

From: Your Name <you@example.ca>
To: mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca
Subject: I support Marc Emery’s Business License application

I am writing to support granting business licenses to Marc Emery for the ‘Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters’ store at 307 West Hastings Street and ‘420 Convenience’ store at 316 West Hastings.

I believe the businesses contribute positively to the local community and improve the area culturally and economically. In light of Marc Emery’s significant contributions to Vancouver and BC, I wholeheartedly support his application for business licenses and encourage you to do the same.

Your Name
Your Organization
123 Your St.
Yousville, L2B 4S6
Phone: (123)456-7890
Fax: (123)456-7890×123
Your Personal Statement

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