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The PS Culture

With the new year comes a new name for the blog. “Proud Smoke Culture” Which in a sense is what I would like to share with the rest of the world through this blog. I have integrated these ideas into my life over the last four or five years and have since enjoyed a peaceful and balanced life through the use of cannabis as a medicinal and meditative herb.

The Current Issue

Throughout our world today people are pre programmed with stereotypes about all subgroups of human beings. Assuming that someone who smokes marijuana is a lazy, unambitious, slob is in my books as close to bigotry as assuming every homosexual flicks their wrist and speaks with a lisp. Cannabis has been an integral part of our culture as a human race for as long as 3000 years and with good reason. Through the responsible use of cannabis many can find  an understanding  and balance within themselves that they have never experienced before. However some of the side effects of cannabis can be demotivating at times when consumed in excess. This can be true in any drug however rather than anal bleeding, lung failure and death; the only side effects are exceptional thought, over eating, dehydration and sleep.

The Future

Now as we’ve seen with all of the previously discussed negative side effects, the use of cannabis can put a hinder on productivity at times. This is where I come in; I would like to teach the world how to live a balanced life through the intelligent and moderate use of cannabis. In future posts I will discuss topics such as how to choose a bong, and the difference between rolling papers and why some are better. I want to teach as many people as I can that there is an actual sophisticated and educated class of people who enjoy cannabis as an integral part of their lives. Its time to do away with the stereotypes and understand that there are many positive ways in which cannabis can enrich one’s life.

The First Step

The first step into our culture is to really understand why you use cannabis. Find the underlying reasons and not just the obvious ones such as “It helps me sleep” or “It makes me more creative”. Everyone enjoys cannabis for different reasons but I’ve also found that there are many different aspects of our lives that it can have an effect on. For me personally It serves many purposes such as a sleep aide, a pain killer, muscle relaxant during muscle recovery and anti-depressant. It helps me with anxiety and stage fright and even boosts my appetite in the morning enough to eat a full breakfast which they have always told me is the most important meal of the day.

Once you understand why you use this particular herbal remedy you can start to measure out your limits and boundaries. If you don’t know why you are smoking herb in the first place it can be difficult to know when to stop. This is prominent in all settings. If you happen to be enjoying cannabis in a social setting understand that you are doing so to promote conversation and a common bond. So once you have reached the optimum point of brain/mouthpiece activity respectfully excuse yourself from the rotation. I am here to promote a pride in the use of cannabis in any capacity and to it’s full capacity.

There is no peer pressure, there is no judgement, there is no taboo. There is only our culture and we’re proud of it.

~ The Culturalist


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Happy New Years!

Happy New Years! With the new year comes a whole new ballgame when it comes to the PS lifestyle. As of January 1st people in California no longer have fear the legal damages associated with the personal use of cannabis! Woohoo! Legislation has gone into place officially decriminalizing the possession of less than an ounce of cannabis by legal adults. This means no courts, no trials, no jail. This is huge for the state of California as they can hope to save tens of thousands of dollars waisted on simple possession trials and imprisonment of responsible adults. The charges have been changed to a mere civil infraction resulting in a $100 fine (and the cost of your herb), similar to a traffic ticket. This is a huge step for the country and regardless of the loss of prop 9 it opens up a world of freedom to those who are proud of their culture and just want to smoke their fine herbs!

Now in other news there are some big things brewing up here in Vancouver and I have got a front of the line pass to share with you guys! Expect some new postings coming up in the next month or two so keep an eye out and you will not be disappointed! I am dedicating this year to sharing my lifestyle with all of you and hopefully introducing you to a whole new way of thinking and living. I call this the Proud Smoke Culture. Because you know what? Cannabis is a huge part of our pacific northwest culture and has been a big part of my life since I was old enough to understand and enjoy the benefits of our wonderful herbal friend. I am proud of my knowledge and understanding of this plant which we are blessed to have grow naturally and abundantly where we live, and so should you! So on that note, be responsible, be genuine, be peaceful and smoke proud. I feel big things coming up for 2011.

Congratulation California and Best wishes for everyone in the New Year!

~ The PS Culturalist

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Vote Yes on Prop 19!

Vote Yes on 19!

Hey Everybody!

As I’m sure a good number of you are already aware of, the legalization of marijuana is on the ballot for november in California and it is imperative that everyone gets out and votes YES!

I know there are a lot of skeptics out there who are afraid of “Prices going up due to taxes” Well let me break it to you guys, with the amount of growers that will be popping up supply will go through the roof and prices will likely stay exactly the same.

Secondly for those of you who are worried about the government coming in and “cutting your grass” so to speak, get over yourselves. If you really enjoy growing cannabis continue to do so in a legal respect. An unregulated free market is no reason for the hundreds of thousands of people who are currently in jail for the illegality of the industry.

Alas better than I can ever put it, here are the key points as written on the Yes on 19 Campaign website. Check it out Here, join the cause and tell your friends everybody. This is a huge first step for marijuana policy not only for California, but for the whole world.

About Proposition 19

Vote Yes on 19! 

The Problem

Today, hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars are wasted enforcing the failed prohibition of cannabis (also known as marijuana). Currently, cannabis is easier for kids to get than alcohol. Prohibition has created a violent criminal market run by international drug cartels. Police waste valuable resources targeting non-violent cannabis consumers, while thousands of violent crimes go unsolved. And there is $14 billion in marijuana sales every year in California, but our debt-ridden state sees none of the revenue that would come from controlling and taxing it. Cannabis prohibition has failed.

The Solution

We need a common sense approach to control and tax cannabis like alcohol.

Proposition 19 was carefully written, in order to:

  • Control cannabis like alcohol, allowing adults 21 and over in California to possess up to one ounce of cannabis, to be consumed at home or licensed establishments
  • Give state and local governments the ability to tax the sale of cannabis for adult consumption
  • Put our police priorities where they belong, by ending the arrests of non-violent cannabis consumers, saving hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars a year and enabling police to focus on violent crime
  • Generate billions in annual revenue to fund what matters most in California: jobs, healthcare, public safety, parks, roads, transportation, and more
  • Cut off funding to violent drug cartels across our border who currently generate 60 percent of their revenue from the illegal U.S. marijuana market
  • Protect our kids, our roads, and our workplaces, by increasing the penalty for selling marijuana to minors, banning the smoking of marijuana in public, on school grounds, and while minors are present, maintaining strict criminal penalties for driving under the influence of marijuana, and preserving employers’ rights to maintain drug-free workplaces
  • Protect medical cannabis patients’ rights

Good Luck California and Keep Blowing the Smoke Proud!

~The Hempen Journeyman

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For those of you living around the world you may not quite understand our traditional 420 smoke in here in Vancouver. Each year thousands of people gather infront of the art gallery here in downtown Van city to in one impressive toke fill an entire city block with the sweet smoke of the cannabis plant. Every year it is so impressive to see so many people of every different kind coming together to show their love and support for what should be our legal right. There are booths and street vendors all over selling bud and edibles, bongs and pipes, and generally promoting the use of the herb to the public.

The highlights of the event being of course the on-the-dot cloud rising above Vancouver’s biggest session in history, the speakers of course, David Malmo Levine, Jody Emery and many others, Marc Emery who was there through the whole of the event politicin’ shaking hands and kissing babies (not that there were any babies there, that would be entirely inappropriate). The music was good and the atmosphere was amazing.

However this year’s traditionally peaceful celebration was a bit tainted and if I may say no exactly “putting our best foot forward” for the cannabis community. The state of the affair was complete chaos from when I arrived to when I left. There was immense amounts of trash all over the grounds, there were people tagging on the art gallery, a girl passed out and had to be taken off by paramedics, and if thats not bad enough for the first time in over 20 years of 420 celebrations a fight even broke out dead center of the crowd.

Now this sort of thing makes me very sad because the entire statement that everyone there had come together to support was lost. Now this was little to no surprise  considering there was over 10,000 people crammed together on one downtown city block. This to me is simply poor planning. They desperately need to move the celebration to a new venue and judging by the number of people they bring out its gonna need to be a big one.

So here is what I propose!

The Vancouver International Cannabis Festival!

Now much like the operation of the Jazz festival in Gastown every year, we could host something similar with stages and booths up and down water st. and extending up to queen elizabeth square right in front of the Cannabis Culture headquarters. I think this would be fantastic, more space would mean less chance of fights and we could bring in bands from all over the world to perform infront of thousands of people. Political leaders and activists could speak from different stages and get their messages out to a wider group of people who instead of trying to fight though crowds without burning themselves on a blunt could comfortably smoke and listen to what they have to say.

However the concern is due to the poor execution of this years event it may be possible that BC Marijuana Party may not have much bargaining power with the city to continue this event let alone host it in a bigger space next year.

On another note, I’ve got some great shots of this year’s event and will have them up for you guys to check out on here very soon!

As always, Peace and blow that smoke proud.

~The Hempen Journeyman

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Hello Hello and Happy 4-20 everybody!
Once again we come upon that special time of year when an overwhelmingly growing number of our population chooses to simultaneously shift their state of mental being to that of a calmer and more peaceful nature through the enjoyable consumption of that wonderful herb we all love so much.
This year will be my first Multi-National 4-20 and I’d like to bring you all along with me on my journey.
My celebrations began last night when the clock struck twelve and I was lucky enough to be able to try some fine PK Hash from one of the Bay Area’s newest cannabis clubs the Purple Elephant down in San Jose. I wish I had been able to visit the dispensary myself and give you guys the run down, however due to my severely lacking transportation situation a friend of mine picked it up and made the trip to hook me up with a delicious 420 midnight toke. We settled in to the night and had a few beers and being that it was getting late I was forced to hit the hay and get some rest in before my trip back to the perfect scene for a 420 day of fun, Vansterdam.
As I type this I’m waiting for my plane to board at SFO International airport and I think I’ll recap on the herbal highlights of my past week in California. The biggest development since my northern migration is the number of cannabis clubs springing up in the Bay. More and more counties have been legalization the operation of clubs within their jurisdiction and what this means for my San Jose family and all you south bay dwellers is that instead of making the 30-60 minute drive (depending on traffic) out to either the San Francisco, Oakland, Berkley or Santa Cruz clubs, You can now visit one of the fine cannabis “retail” outlets in the south bay or whichever side you happen to live on!
Oakland’s Harbourside opened a second club in San Jose and continues to uphold their excellent standard of profesionalism and quality. From this particular club I was able to sample a few different strains. From the Midgrade shelf we tried a very sweet tasting “Chem Dog #4” and of course toasted back some grapes of danky, danky “Grand Daddy Purple”. I was also lucky enough to get a taste of one of their top shelf strains called “Champagne” this one we took through my brother’s new digital box vaporizer made by Natural Goods.
A quick side note on this particular vaporizer, It worked great but the temperature was a bit hard to regulate and I feel that with the jump in temperature when you draw through the mouthpiece could potentially be degrading the THC. The digital temperature readout showed close to a 30-50 degree jump in temperature which seems excessive to me. I see now why Volcanoes work so well due to their consistency in keeping your herb heated to that perfect 374, or whatever your magic number may be ;).
Well I am just about ready to board my plane back to Vancouver so wish me safe travels and I’ll be reporting back on the festivities in Vancouver as soon as I make it back to the city!
More to come along with pictures after the festivities!

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I could barely contain my excitement when I found these fantastic gift boxes online!

Test some of the best strains from world renowned growers with these month to month daily sampler packs. A new batch is released every month to satisfy even the most rounded of connoisseurs.

These gift packs ship secure and anonymously world wide so purveyors of fine herbs can share in the advancements of some of the finest cannabis growers world wide!

These and other fine Cannabis consumer products will be available as soon as april 1st 2011 after we all get out to vote and legalization has passed through California and spread throughout north america. Unfortunately until then lets just give credit where credit is due and appreciate these fantastic designs by Cho Hee Ha at Yanko Design

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Well Guys, this just blew me away.

As far as anti drug commercials go this one is absolutely fantastic because it just about sums up my daily life! I don’t know what they hoped to achieve with this commercial but this is exactly what we need on TV to push the normalization and acceptance of marijuana.

Thanks Guys anti-drug warriors, way to take one for the team.

Enjoy, and keep blowing that smoke proud.

~ The Hempen Journeyman

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