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Hey everybody, I just came across this little gem last week down at the New Amsterdam cafe on Hastings here in Vancouver and immediately fell in love. I ended up picking the piece up from the ladies at the Hempy’z booth at the Taboo show last sunday.

My-Iolite Box

This box actually kinda looks like an Iphone box..

For the very reasonable price of $240 (after tax) I got the white Iolite Vaporizer and a free can of all natural butane. The Iolite comes in some impressive packaging that made me feel like I was unwrapping a new Iphone. It comes with a black travel case, spare parts and an extendable mouthpiece that comes apart in segments for easy transport in the side pocket of the case. Along with the spare screen and optional moisture collector, it came with pipe cleaners and a brass packing tool with a hollow tip to fit and pack around the center heating element.

Whats so amazing about this piece, made in ireland let me add, is the top quality construction. It’s easy to use and even comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty. That alone gives me the peace of mind that I am making a solid investment.

The Operation:

So to get this thing up and running is so easy its amazing. You remove you Iolite from the packaging and fill it up with butane. Yes, butane. This piece has no batteries and runs by using butane to heat the coils. Fill her up, pack the bowl with your desired herbal blend which can contain any number of herbs including adding a little bit of fresh mint leaves into your mix for a refreshing breath freshening vapour hoot. Once you’re all set up you’re in business. Turn the device on by switching the power switch over to the  1 on the back, press the big button to spark the heating element and give it about 45 seconds.

You know you’re money when your little iolite starts making Darth Vader noises in the back of the movie theater. It is not very loud but it is distinctively Vader as it expels non toxic all natural butane from the side. When it is heating up you sill see a little orange/red light glowing under the side. When it has reached the optimum temperature the light turns off and its ready to medicate.

When your Iolite has reached temperature just pull through the mouthpiece and you’re in business. Allow it to heat back up to the perfect temperature every 30 seconds or so and wait for the red light to go off, it will do this automatically and it only takes a 10-30 seconds at the most between hits.

My Experience:

As I sit here and write I am finishing up packing my Iolite with some fresh herb, a beautiful Blueberry X Northern lights #5 cross, with a few little pieces of budderking budder thrown in the mix.

I just switched it on and it took about a minute to reach temperature. When you pull through it the vapour is warm and flavourful. The best part is that your exhalations are odorless except towards the end  it develops an almost popcorny smell and taste. By that point if you notice smoke coming out it is close to being done and you can go ahead and switch it off to cool down. The high is distinctively Vapourtastic as you stay clear headed and it is the perfect thing to get you through a day at work!

Tips and Tricks:

  • Try to avoid packing it too much as i’ve found that over packing it can cause it to burn the herb and create a bit of smoke which is not ideal for incognito smoking in movies and restaurants and such.
  • Try adding other Herbs such as mint or lavender for a different experience.
  • I would recommend using the longer mouthpiece as it gives the vapour a longer time to cool through the tube before reaching your mouth and provides a much more enjoyable experience.
  • When sharing with friends do not pass the Iolite by the mouthpiece! it will pull out and dump your herb chamber!
  • Save your left over cannabis! That brown used up weed still contains about 30% of the original THC and can be used effectively in either cooking, or used directly in or on top of your food. It does not need to be cooked because the THC has already been psychoactively activated by the heat of the vaporizer and can be ingested directly to achieve the desired effect.

Check out these pics and I hope you all get a chance to check out this cool device.

Peace and keep blowing that smoke proud,

~  The Hempen Journeyman


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Hey everybody I am here to fully endorse the use of hemp wick when medicating with your bong or pipe or just about anything you are smoking. It is a healthy alternative to a butane lighter and burns extremely clean being that it is nothing but organic hemp and bees wax.

Now I just happened to have this little spice jar that used to have diced onions in it. I tend to keep anything made of glass because it always comes in useful some time in the future. In this case it had some little holes in the top that worked perfect for dispensing the hemp cord as is uncoils inside. As it burns it feeds more out and when you’re done its got a black twist on lid that disguises it and keeps it clean and looking mighty sophisticated.

This is the best addition to my smoking devices in a long time. It burns so clean and enhances the taste as well as burning hotter than a regular lighter allowing you to take larger, healthier hits.

So check out my new Hemp wick and table top dispenser and consider adding one to your coffee table. Cheers.

Enjoy and keep blowing that smoke proud,

~ The Hempen Jouneyman

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Wow I have never seen so many people smoking weed. The  cloud above the crowd was so thick it looked like an outdoor hot box. There were way too many people for anyone to really enjoy this unless you got there early and got a good spot. For future reference make rounds to the 420 rally around 10am if you are looking for a good relaxed experience. I’m glad to be out of the sea of humans, and i’ve finally made it home for some more celebrating. I hope everyone’s having a great 420!

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So historically, I am a jay man. I have always been and for the rest of my life will continue on that path. But sometimes its just so nice and relaxing having a nice clean glass bong to hit while you’re posting up somewhere. Unfortunately the fact of the moment is I have no such bong and no such funds for said bong. So despite my cravings, I remain a jay man.

When it comes to Jays, everyone’s got a personal favourite to which they hold true. For me, that happens to be Raw Papers and tips. This may sound like a commercial, but It is based on some solid reasoning. The Raw unbleached rolling papers are a great choice for anyone looking to fully appreciate the taste of their cannabis. I also highly recommend Raw’s rolling tips. Both are chemical and chlorine free and 100% natural. This is important if you’re looking to watch your health, especially considering I pick up these papers in packs of 300. That could end up doing some damage if you’re burning the wrong stuff into your lungs.

Now In addition to using these natural papers, I recommend practicing rolling your Jays backwards. Or as some call them “Backflips”. This is the healthiest jay you can roll by using only one layer of paper all the way around the spliff.

Backwards Jay:

Start rolling your jay with the glue facing down and towards you.

Add the Herb and your tip and roll it into a nice cylindrical shape.

Tuck the glue over the herb and roll it tight.

Lick through the paper to wet the glue underneath.

Let it dry quick, and burn off the extra paper in an exciting demonstration of stoner pyrotechnics!

Twist the Tip Tight and spark it up!


Let me warn you first, once you get this down you will never be able to fully enjoy a normal Jay again. Without the taste of the paper, you can fully enjoy the taste of cannabis in a manner that in the long run will take it easier on your lungs.

Cheers Everyone, Happy smoking!

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So I was excited to see DL visit Harbourside. When I was still down in California I used to visit Harbourside as one of my clubs of choice. It doesn’t look like much from the outside but inside it is one of the most professional experiences you’ll ever get from a medical dispensary.

Heres how it works

You approach the front door and hand your paperwork/Patient ID Card to the armed security guard out front, he confirms that you are a legal patient and radios inside to open the door and let you in. You head up the steps and enter the front door where you walk through a metal detector and get a quick pat down.

Once you’re through all the formalities of confirming your paper work and registering as a member of Harbourside, the rest of your visit is as if you were at a bank for Cannabis! The professional staff waits behind the glass display counter full of different strains and products.

The First Strain I tried from this club was called “Dragon” It was a Sativa heavy herb, bright green and the bud looked wispy like fire. Back then their selection of edibles wasn’t amazing, but I’m sure they have improved their menu by a  hundred fold. This was however the first time I had “The Greenie” Cookie which has been my inspiration for every baked good I have produced since that day.  For those of you patients lucky enough to live in the Bay Area, go check out Harbourside in Oakland!

1840 Embarcadero
Oakland, CA 94606, United States
(510) 533-0146

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