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Lets begin by taking a look at my form of cannabis use. I generally smoke about 1-2 grams a day depending on what I happen to be doing. My daily routine consists of packing a bowl in my lovely Gear bong here known as Black Mamba, generally around a .7 nuglette. After its finely ground  and packed down in the bowl with my  I will burn just around the edges to light the bowl and let it cherry. Using a hemp wick burns the weed at a lower temperature and as so saves a lot of flavour. Lighting the bowl this way will allow it to cherry and continue to burn. No need to re light! In addition to the ease of controlling the burn this method also saves your body from the harmful chemicals being spewed into your lungs by the butane lighter.

Now when done right the smallest burn can get you a massive hit and for most people just one is enough. When you’re alone this leaves you with the option to come back to it later when you are ready for another toke.

Cannabis has many side effects and though some may be bad the majority can be wonderful and life changing when used properly. Light but consistent use can keep your mind, body and spirit on track to living a balanced life.

One of the key points to living a healthy happy life is water. Our bodies are 97% water so you had better be doing everything you can to make sure you are only putting the very best water into your body. The consistent use of cannabis never really changes the way I act as I am pretty much conditioned I am basically at about the same level all the time. But the one thing it does do to me is give me the healthy reminder to drink more water. When I consistently smoke throughout the day I consume water just as frequent if not more. Why? Because it’s delicious and it sure cures cottonmouth like no other. I don’t drink much other than water during the day so I usually go through 3 large water bottles a day. Doing so has helped me look and feel healthier than I ever have.

Now while we’re on the subject lets talk about nutrition and the importance of being well fed. I have heard arguments from the more health conscious against smoking herb because “When they smoke they end up eating all kinds of junk food”. Well thats not the herb, thats your lack of will power. I only keep healthy snacks in the house with the occasional bag of chips or cookies tucked away for special occasions so when I smoke I go and eat grapes  or celery or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I suggest just revising your grocery list and learn how to snack healthy for your bodies sake. Not to mention the decrease in carbon footprint not buying all those packaged junk and fast foods Woohoo!!

The next step is to really balance your chi. Using cannabis for personal thought, development and meditation can help you gain a better understanding of yourself and in doing so a better understanding of those around you. Historically peaceful and understanding figures have always been big users of cannabis and by no coincidence I’m sure. Balancing your life with the use of cannabis can bring you a great love and understanding for your fellow man.

Rest and recuperation is important when living an active and productive life. Using cannabis to relieve muscle and joint pain can be a wonderful way to further your physical conditioning. Smoking and stretching allows your muscles to relax and ease into your positions. In addition to the benefits to your muscles it can bring about a calm and focused state of mind allowing you to direct your energy efficiently when partaking in physically taxing activities.

Now I keep mentioning the balance between your life and cannabis  and heres what I mean: Everyone will agree that there is a point at which being really lifted can interfere with the performance level of certain tasks. Such as a meeting with your boss at work, flying a plain or maybe chasing criminals. So I think we can agree it would be less than beneficial to burn a blunt to yourself right prior. So fly under that bar, but treat it like the goal at the end of a level in Mario World and fly as high as you can but stay under that bar. Thats how you get the most points.

~ The Culturalist.


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