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Wow, this Question answer period is pathetic on the part of Robert Gibbs. He tries to defend the President’s joking about the Issue of Legalization at the Online Town-Hall meeting, and Fails to answer a single question while stumbling over himself the whole way through. There is no longer a single reasonable point to support the harmful or criminal nature of marijuana aside from issues that are directly caused by the Prohibition.

Have a look at the Strength behind the Prohibition Policy.


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So historically, I am a jay man. I have always been and for the rest of my life will continue on that path. But sometimes its just so nice and relaxing having a nice clean glass bong to hit while you’re posting up somewhere. Unfortunately the fact of the moment is I have no such bong and no such funds for said bong. So despite my cravings, I remain a jay man.

When it comes to Jays, everyone’s got a personal favourite to which they hold true. For me, that happens to be Raw Papers and tips. This may sound like a commercial, but It is based on some solid reasoning. The Raw unbleached rolling papers are a great choice for anyone looking to fully appreciate the taste of their cannabis. I also highly recommend Raw’s rolling tips. Both are chemical and chlorine free and 100% natural. This is important if you’re looking to watch your health, especially considering I pick up these papers in packs of 300. That could end up doing some damage if you’re burning the wrong stuff into your lungs.

Now In addition to using these natural papers, I recommend practicing rolling your Jays backwards. Or as some call them “Backflips”. This is the healthiest jay you can roll by using only one layer of paper all the way around the spliff.

Backwards Jay:

Start rolling your jay with the glue facing down and towards you.

Add the Herb and your tip and roll it into a nice cylindrical shape.

Tuck the glue over the herb and roll it tight.

Lick through the paper to wet the glue underneath.

Let it dry quick, and burn off the extra paper in an exciting demonstration of stoner pyrotechnics!

Twist the Tip Tight and spark it up!


Let me warn you first, once you get this down you will never be able to fully enjoy a normal Jay again. Without the taste of the paper, you can fully enjoy the taste of cannabis in a manner that in the long run will take it easier on your lungs.

Cheers Everyone, Happy smoking!

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So I know everyone is giving Obama heat over his brushing off of the topic of Marijuana legalization, but to be fair he does have to watch out for a lot a scrutiny that comes with being the new president and as Mos stated on Bill Maher’s show, “The Black guy with the Job.” I understand that, but The Most crucial statement made in this debate was by Salman Rushdie when he says that Barack Obama needs to Stop with all this bipartisanship.

“This trying to bring the people he’s just defeated along so they can veto his decisions… (I don’t think) any other country in the western world behaves like this. You win the election, you run the Country.”

This is one of the truest truths I’ve heard in a long time. Obama was elected because he followed the leftist ideals that earned him the support of the forward thinking generations which are now running his country. For him to get in to office and try to please everyone is ridiculous. There is no excuse for going back on what you believe to please people who were never on your side.

Now I love Obama and I think he’ll do work for his country but he needs to stand up for the people that got him elected. His campaign was widely internet based and for him to discredit the people who had him elected is a shame. During his time as a senator he supported the decriminalization of Marijuana which shows that he understands that possession for even recreational use by adults should no longer be considered a crime. Yet now under the pressure of federal “bipartisanship” he has collapsed and lost some of the open minded and forward thinking ideals that made him an inspiration to so many of us.

I truly believe though, that if we as a people continue to force this issue to the front burner of the political world, as we have so effectively been doing, we can finally get the new president to approach the topic logically and as serious issue that needs addressing.

For those of you who haven’t seen Bill’s Show, heres a clip of the discussion.

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So I was excited to see DL visit Harbourside. When I was still down in California I used to visit Harbourside as one of my clubs of choice. It doesn’t look like much from the outside but inside it is one of the most professional experiences you’ll ever get from a medical dispensary.

Heres how it works

You approach the front door and hand your paperwork/Patient ID Card to the armed security guard out front, he confirms that you are a legal patient and radios inside to open the door and let you in. You head up the steps and enter the front door where you walk through a metal detector and get a quick pat down.

Once you’re through all the formalities of confirming your paper work and registering as a member of Harbourside, the rest of your visit is as if you were at a bank for Cannabis! The professional staff waits behind the glass display counter full of different strains and products.

The First Strain I tried from this club was called “Dragon” It was a Sativa heavy herb, bright green and the bud looked wispy like fire. Back then their selection of edibles wasn’t amazing, but I’m sure they have improved their menu by a  hundred fold. This was however the first time I had “The Greenie” Cookie which has been my inspiration for every baked good I have produced since that day.  For those of you patients lucky enough to live in the Bay Area, go check out Harbourside in Oakland!

1840 Embarcadero
Oakland, CA 94606, United States
(510) 533-0146

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The dates have been pushed back from their original March 31st Date to early next year in order to build more support for the Bill to Legalize and Tax Marijuana in California.

I’m glad to hear this because if we continue with the momentum the movement is currently moving at, there may be a real hope for this Bill in 2010. Thanks to everyone out there currently working to help push the issue, the people opposed to the legalization are running out of reasons and credibility to back their side. This fact is getting recognition on a national scale with leaders of Pro Legalization groups such as NORML and the Drug Policy Alliance Network smashing the opposition on national broadcast.

Here’s a debate from earlier this month with Ethan Nadelmann from the Drug Policy Alliance Network.

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So I just had a read of a Blog post HERE, check it out and let me know what you think. This is Proof that Marijuana has been used medicinally for 2700+ years! Its interesting to know that we are supporting and continuing a culture that has been around for thousands of years.

I wonder if its still good? Well I’m sure its not great after thousands of years getting stale. The tests said it was psychoactive, so maybe if you cooked it into some 2700 year old chinese pot cookies. This could be an interesting experience, opening a link to the past in a way only cannabis can.

Heres a quick look:

2,700 Year Old Cannabis sativa Discovered

Category: Archaeology
Posted on: March 28, 2009 12:20 PM, by afarensis, FCD

“An interesting paper in the Journal of Experimental Botany published back in December discusses the discovery of 2,700 Year Old Cannabis sativa. The discovery was made in the Yanghai tombs in China.

There are an estimated 2,500 tombs in the region that date to around 3200-2000 years BP. A number of the bodies are actually mummified. The tomb we are interested in has been given the designation M90.

The burial at Tomb M90

The burial is that of a 45 year old male. The grave goods included bridles, archery equipment, a harp, a leather basket, and a wooden bowl. Both the basket and the bowl were filled with vegetative matter – about 789 grams (~ 1 pound 11 ounces). Radiocarbon dating was performed and a calibrated date of 2,700 years BP was returned. Analysis of the vegetative material indicated it was Cannabis sativa. Furthing testing indicated it was psychoactive.”

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Well the more I get in to this internet thing the more I need to grow my internet presence. The more people we have on the internet supporting the movement against Global Cannabis Prohibition, the more people will hear the truth behind the PROPAGANDA that is constantly infecting the minds of the citizens of the free world by our governments who’ve based their laws off of out dated racist ideals.

In the words of the Mighty Pakelika,


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